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Base Defense 1.2

Make your own defenses

Base Defense is an “open map” tower defense game. View full description


  • New gameplay
  • Lots of variables


  • Repetitive visuals
  • Sparse audio


Base Defense is an “open map” tower defense game.

As opposed to other tower defense games where the player is placed in a map and given strategic locations to place different tower types, Base Defense supplies an open map. Players have to think about where to place their towers while protecting the exit point on the map.

This gameplay scheme opens a new type of experience for tower defense titles because the enemies can follow different paths on the map. Players can create funnels for enemies, but that will actually be a detriment because other enemies will be able to sneak past and gain entrance to the exit.

The specific element of variable paths in Base Defense makes it a great game for tower defense players.

Visually, Base Defense does not work as well as the gameplay. There is not much variety beyond the tower types or even the enemies that move across the screen. Base Defense supplies a fast forward so the action does not become stagnant with the repetitive movement and attack animations. Later levels really benefit from this option.

The audio in Base Defense is non-existent. With only sound effects of attack and enemies dying, the game is very sparse. Much of the tension in tower defense game can some from the music.

The strength in Base Defense is the gameplay, presenting a strong variation on the popular genre. Additional maps and other content would help expand the game beyond the standard gameplay.

Base Defense contains a great basis for a new type of tower defense game.


  • Fixed loss of progress bug on some devices
  • Added online leaderboard
Base Defense


Base Defense 1.2

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    reviewed on September 11, 2012